London Bound: A Day In The Life

One of last years Christmas presents to my boyfriend, Sam, were tickets to see Witt Lowry – his all time favourite rapper – in London. We had seen him last year around the same time, and knew how good he was live, so when I saw he was going to be coming back to London, it was an obvious choice. While at the time of purchase it seemed too far away to start to get excited about it, it came round much quicker than expected!

Friday the 15th of February, the day had come and we were determined to get lots done. We packed what we’d need for the day and set off, London bound. From Hove station, it only takes an hour (give or take) to get to Victoria, and as soon as we arrived, we headed straight for our favourite London restaurant (and now a definitely tradition every time we visit), Planet Hollywood.

While it can be a bit of a pricey place (or is that only if you order as much as we do? The jury is out), we both love the food and atmosphere here. Eager to find some control in a cruel and unforgiving world, I veered away from my normal order of Chicken and Broccoli Pasta to give the Mac and Cheese with Blackened Chicken a go. Crazy. It was absolutely delicious, especially when paired with their Trio of Fries on the side. We also shared a starter of cheesy Potato Skins. As I sit here typing this up I’m off work poorly, so I most definitely wouldn’t mind having this sat in-front me right now.


When we left the restaurant, my hunger was satisfied, we were energised and I had only managed to pack on around a stone in an hour sitting. But like true soldiers, we marched on with the day.

We headed straight to nearby M&M World, somewhere I had specifically wanted to visit (they have this amazing looking ‘pick and mix’ section of the huge shop, I was aiming straight for there). After picking up a bag to fill, however, I had an epiphany. The gist of it was that I had no idea why I was about to pay 4x the price for a bag of M&M’s here than I would be paying for the same bag elsewhere.

One side of the wall ….
And the other😍

We left the shop, and having had my dreams shattered, we continued. Brave soldiers and all.

We continued to explore down the roads nearby. Little did I know until we stumbled upon it, that we were incredibly close to London’s very own China Town. I’d never been to any China Town, and it was lovely (and smelt amazing). Definitely glad we accidentally found it. Maybe we just didn’t see all of it, but it was a little smaller than I had always expected.

Chinatown Gate, the ‘entrance’

Oxford Street was next on the agenda. Despite the fact neither of us had been paid for a few weeks, into the shops we headed! I actually only ended up with a £17 spend in Primark (having bought a pair of £10 shorts and a £7 jumper) the whole of the shopping trip, but my purse was very happy about that indeed.

We both always love looking around Selfridges any London trip, and although Sam tends to be the only one to make purchases in there (unless we count the Lola’s Cupcakes concession. Then I’m ALL in) I enjoy wondering around for the atmosphere, décor and the niggling feeling that I’m way to poor to be seen within 10 miles of such expensive clothes.

Some of the interior of Selfridges. Dreamy

It had hit 5pm by this point, and to get to the venue the 7pm gig was being held at, it was only going to take upwards of half an hour. We both admitted that there was a sense of wanting to go home because we were TIRED, but as I have mentioned, brave soldiers. We decided to kill 30/45 minutes in the Costa of Victoria before making our way to the venue, the Electric Umbrella in Camden Town. This venue was much bigger than the one we’d seen him in last year, and a lot nicer inside too. Approaching the cloakroom I began to sense that maybe I shouldn’t have made my Primark purchases, now I had 2 bags to store. £4(!!!!!!) later, the bags were away. Something I will note is that the toilets are BEAUTIFUL. And CLEAN. The dream toilets of a germaphobe like me. Also the acoustics/location of the toilets meant that while he was performing it sounded as though Witt Lowry and the crowd were in the cubicle with me. Made peeing both magical and uncomfortable.

The boujee-est toilet I’ve ever been in. A photo was necessary

It was an amazing show and I’ll always love seeing Sam so happy and in his element, the perfect way to end a lovely day. The tube/train journeys home couldn’t have gone smoother (that’s a lie because we missed our connecting train from Brighton to Hove, and then our bus from outside a Brighton station to Hove, but we skip swiftly over this part).

Thank you for reading, it’s one of those things, I have no idea if readers will be interested or not but I definitely wanted to share. Do you enjoy reading posts like these ones? Also, I’d love to know what the best part of your week has been so far, or what you’re looking forward to in the coming days?

Hope to see you next time,

Kristie x

13 thoughts on “London Bound: A Day In The Life

  1. entermyworldweb says:

    Planet Hollywood is amazing!😍 I love reading “days in my life” and I love writing them 😂. I think this week I helped run two family event things- and some of the children came and took part in my research (sounds super nerdy haha), and I got interviewed by some media about it. I don’t know if that makes sense haha, but yeah was cool 😊 great post! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kristie says:

      That sounds so fun and definitely more interesting than my weeks been!! And congrats on a bit of media coverage that’s insane😃 and Planet Hollywood is my FAV😍 thanks for reading (again haha) xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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