My Favourite Sensitive Skincare Products

When I was young, I had very severe eczema that lasted consistently until I was about 10. The amount of prescribed ointments and creams I went through could’ve filled countless swimming pools, but they were nothing but a temporary fix. Lucky for me it started clearing up around that time, but even then, my skin would – to this day – never agree with me or seemingly anything I put on it.

My skin now, particularly on my face but also (to a lesser extent) on my arms, is dry and often flares up in an intense blotchy (super unpleasant) red rash. I’m still not quite sure what causes these rashes. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be my diet (I type as I sit working my way through a full size tube of Pringles. Sour cream and onion – definitely the superior flavour). But whatever may cause them, they do not relent.

However, I do have a handy bunch of skincare products for when my skin is feeling problematic. I have compiled a list of these products (and their links and prices) that I find have proven particularly good for my sensitive skin, and ones I haven’t given up on altogether in the hopes that you’ll find something useful.

(Its worth mentioning that before trying a new product, you should always patch test it first).

1) Nourishing Hydration Mask for Dry/Very Dry skin, No7

Nourishing Hydration Mask, No7

Starting with the most aesthetically pleasing skincare product I own, this is a mask I’ve started using a couple of times a week. It is presented beautifully inside the bottle, which I’m not (that) ashamed to say is the reason I picked it up to try.

It is for dry/very dry skin, so that’s always appealing to me. I put it on (cleansed) skin and leave it for a couple of minutes before wiping it off gently and dabbing my face with a muslin cloth to remove excess. I have to admit, this one does sometimes burn if my skin is red, but normally for me that burning stops after a minute, and it’s never too extreme. It leaves my skin feeling soft and removes some of the tightness that comes with a really dry skin day.

Lowkey (highkey) though, my favourite part is the aesthetic. And can you blame me?

Find it here: for £15.00

2) Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask, Lush

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask, Lush

This was recommended to me by a lovely shop assistant in Lush. I’d come in to look for the Oatflix face mask, but after I’d given her a very brief rundown of my skin, she sat me down and popped a sample of both Oatflix (for dry skin) and Rosy Cheeks (for burning, flared up skin) on the back of my hands. If you do go into Lush this is definitely worth doing, as I found Oatflix stung a fair amount more than Rosy Cheeks, which felt very soothing. For £8.50, I thought I’d give it a go.

Despite feeling a slight unwarranted resentment towards Lush as I’d realised I had a voucher that I’d forgotten to use (but alas life goes on), I put a generous amount over my (makeup-less) face. It has a thick consistency and felt very cold (it is one you have to store in the fridge) and therefore soothing. It has calamine powder in, and having used calamine lotion before I can vouch for how soothing it is. I leave it on for near 10 minutes normally (although it says to leave it on for up to 15) and it leaves my skin smooth. Doesn’t do much for dryness unfortunately, but this mask is more for cooling red skin than combatting dryness, so no surprises there.

Taking off this mask however is the one con of this product. Described to me by aforementioned lovely shop assistant as ‘not the fastest to remove’ in store, she was not kidding. It did result in a messy flannel, took near enough 5 minutes and a lot of scrubbing was involved. To me though, this mask is worth the effort of taking it off. It’s also part of a scheme run by Lush, all you have to do is return 5 empty tubs (with that white section on the bottom of the label, as seen in the above photo) to get a free face mask, definitely something worth doing.

Find it here: for £8.50

3) Aveeno Moisturising Cream, Aveeno

Aveeno Moisturising Cream, Aveeno

This bad boy is my go to everyday moisturiser, and it’s the best one I’ve tried to date. I generally find when I try moisturise my arms in particular they become super itchy, but Aveeno Moisturising Cream is very gentle and doesn’t leave this intense itch. It is also non fragranced, almost essential for dry skin. I always use this on my face, and although it can sometimes feel a little heavy, it really does seem to keep my dry skin at bay. I normally use it a couple of times a day, but sometimes more if needed.

Side note: I also use the Aveeno hand cream which does wonders, too. The only 2 products I’ve tried of Aveeno’s, but – for me – they seem to sell some really effective skincare products.

Find it here: for £15.99

4) Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Balm, No7

When my face is burning and red, one notable thing about this cleanser is that it doesn’t make my face more itchy, or irritate it further, as it’s very gentle on the skin, as – I’ve found – are all No7 products.

I really love this product. I use it (almost) daily to clean my skin. I don’t find that it takes off make up very efficiently, but it always leaves my skin feeling so smooth. It’s gentle and the fact that it’s a balm means it’s silky and easy to apply evenly and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. It leaves my face feeling clean and like the No7 Nourishing Hydration Mask, it lessens that uncomfortable tight feeling that dry skin brings. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but when I bought it it also came with a free muslin cloth inside, so that’s a nice added bonus.

Find it here: for £13.00

5) Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm for Dry/Very Dry skin, No7

Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm, No7

This cleanser is generally the one I use to remove my makeup. Although it’s the same brand as the previous cleanser, this one is a thicker cream rather than a balm so I find it easier to gently rub into my pores to remove all the make up (and any dirt it’s picked up during the day) as it goes a bit further and is more versatile.

It doesn’t irritate my skin, and is completely non drying. I apply it with my fingers for about 45 seconds and wash it off with a muslin cloth. That’s when I’ll normally apply Radiant Results Nourishing Cleansing Balm (number 4 on this list). I’ll use the two cleansers one after the other as the former removes makeup more effectively , but the latter feels nicer and more calming on my face, and it feels as though it’s left my face more clean.

Sadly, having searched for this product on their website it looks as though its been discontinued recently. Although if you were interested, at the time of writing this I have found a couple on eBay, so it might be worth checking on there.

These are products I’ve bought over the years – tried and tested – that suit my skin best. As you can see, I’m a huge No7 advocate as all their products (to my knowledge) are hypoallergenic and good to sensitive skin. Of course, everyone’s skin will react differently so different products, but I hope you found this list helpful in some way.

Have you got any suggestions for products that you find helpful and easy on the skin? I’d love to hear them!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you on my next post!

Kristie x

P.S. Please ignore that one dead cactus leaf. I’m truly not a bad cactus mum.

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Sensitive Skincare Products

  1. Alexx | aestheticsbyalexx says:

    I’ll add these to my lists to try! I didn’t really have sensitive skin growing up but all of a sudden I’m breaking out to different products. I used bath and body works for like 10 years and never had a problem and all of a sudden I break out when I use anything by them. I’ve been very picky about the skincare I use since then! Thanks for putting this list together!

    💗 Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx


    • Kristie says:

      So strange when products suddenly turn on you, I’ve had that before particularly using certain makeup! All of these I would definitely recommend trying, but looking for skincare that won’t irritate is a journey in itself lol 😭💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunshine with Savannah says:

    I was hooked as soon as you mentioned your Pringles. Great post! Can heavily relate, though my skin is mostly oily and more acne-prone (which might be tied to moisture, the jury’s still not out) rather than dry. Still, amazing products, some of which I own and love. Also, your photography is really aesthetically pleasing. Great post!


    • Kristie says:

      No matter the skin type, having problematic skin is bad enough but not knowing the reason behind it really sucks! And thank you so much I appreciate that, it is seemingly the only place in my house with good lighting! P.S. I’ve found Pringles are always a good starting point. ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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