Into My Mind

I suppose I should really have started this at the beginning of January, but it’s a month too late for that and as always, better late than never! I first considered starting a blog when my lovely friend Shannen introduced me to the idea. I’d never really considered it before but thought it might be a lot of fun. That being said, I feel like my first blog post should be introductory, so I’ve tried hard to come up with some ‘get to know me’ questions that you haven’t heard any given Youtuber answer a thousand times:

Favourite place I’ve ever visited?

I’d say Paris last year with my boyfriend. I’d been before and had only really stayed within the confines of Disneyland (although saying that I’m a huge Disneyworld/land girl so no complaints from me). It’s now been almost a year since we visited as his amazing 2017 Christmas present to me, and I loved every second. We stayed the two nights in a hotel which we LOVED called citizenM Gare de Lyon, making visits to the Eiffel Tower (although it was snowing while we were there so we weren’t able to go up it), Musée de Louvre, and managed to navigate our way successfully – after a rocky start – through Paris’ RER and Metro system. It is fairly similar to the England’s train systems, except the trains were punctual (for two people who normally rely on Southern Rail this made us very uncomfortable and we didn’t quite know how to handle ourselves). We also frequented convenience stores for France’s version of Oasis which I can say with certainty is much more yummy than England’s.

Beautiful Paris in the snow – Feb 2018

However in terms of a tourist attraction, my personal favourite place is Kennedy Space Centre. Again, this is something that drew the family outside the perimeters of Disney (World this time), and it was the best day trip I’ve ever taken, and one that I hope to take again one day. I’m not someone who’s normally majorly interested in space but this place was fascinating, and had an iMax theatre to beat all other iMax theatres. I also saw Elon Musks rocket – no euphemism intended. I don’t know much about him but that’s something to write home about. I think. 

The only full body photo taken of me that day and my eyes were closed. Figures.

The only thing that could’ve possibly made the day better was if the tour guides daughter had sung Lady Gaga on the hour and a half coach trip back as her mother – our tour guide – gave her daughter tips on where to improve and critiqued her pitch as we – the unsuspecting audience – were forced to listen. You couldn’t make it up.

What am I saving for right now?

I’ve just in the last week restarted driving lessons after a long gap of not driving, so car insurance would be my biggest one alongside saving up for a deposit on a flat as I would love to move out with my boyfriend this year. Said boyfriend has also gifted me a trip to Berlin in March, so spending money savings will be on the go asap.

Do I like my name?

I’m really only ever called variations of my name (see: Kirsty) and the only personalised keyrings I’ve ever been gifted have read closely along the lines of “worlds best daughter”, so I’ll be leaving my answer at that.

What is a weird quirk I have? 

I can make my eyeballs wiggle super fast by tensing them.

What is the most embarrassing thing that happened in school?

Picture the scene. A year 3’s class choir is recording their final, polished rendition of a hymn to be played at the end of the coming weeks assembly. The song finishes, and moments before the cut, a fart thunders through the hall, and suddenly the room erupts into laughter as everyone knew it was me and I had very clearly and swiftly gone bright red in the face. It sounds like such an innocent and petty situation, but you best believe that that moment would/could never be topped in terms of humiliation.

And what better way to maintain that it wasn’t you than to start proclaiming your innocence through uncontrollable sobbing.

What is one thing I’m good at?

Pestering my dog until he walks away from me, it normally takes around a minute and a half. 

Can we know more about your dog? Pleeeeease?

OH IF YOU INSIST. His name is Herbie, he is a 5 year old mini labradoodle. I love him more than anything and would die for him. He’s the only pet I’ve ever had (as long as you don’t count Theodora, the EVIL hamster we had who was returned to Pets At Home after a week for being very scary and angry). Anyway, you can’t buy him soft toys because nothing is durable enough to last those razor teeth. He loves his shaky toy and also his donkey toy, Donk. Sadly Donk found his forever home last week in the bin, as one can only sew up a boys favourite toy so many times before it’s just a bit too depressing to keep on at it.

My lovely Herbie

What is my dream job?

I’m currently working in retail, but my next step will hopefully be into the travel industry. Id love to work as a travel agent, I think it would be a really fun and rewarding job and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, and the perks generally include work trips for the purpose of education. So that can’t be too bad either.

That being said, I recently watched a video on the Youtube channel ‘Cut’ where a hairdresser who does the hair of the employees at the Microsoft headquarters told the channel she earns just over $100k a year there. So suddenly hairdressing is looking reaaaally tempting.

My favourite movie quote?

“You’re a virgin who can’t drive” – Tai, Clueless. Iconic. RIP Brittany Murphy.

Where do I plan to take this blog?

I’d love to go down the route of skincare (particularly for sensitive skin) as that’s something I’ve tried a lot of and some fashion as well. We’ll see where it ends up as I’ll likely go on many tangents, but I’m very excited for it.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this post and hope you enjoyed delving a little deeper into my mind. I can’t wait to start this blog properly and I’d love for you to stick around for my next post! Thank you again, 

                         Kristie x

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